The Bishop Nathan Baxter Chapter of the


Episcopal Diocese of Central PA

Our Mission

The Mission of The Bishop Nathan Baxter Chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) is to provide a community of support for the fellowship, cultural witness and concerns of local Black Episcopalians. To unify the diverse cultures, concerns and gifts of Black Episcopalians by providing preparation and encouragement for living the Baptismal Covenant and fully participating in Church.


Our Vision

To create awareness within young men and women of African descent about the clergy vocation. 

To promote strong lay leadership among communities of African 

Descent within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. 

To incorporate fiscal responsibility into the life, work and ministry of UBE. 

To create a systematic approach of ensuring the Black Congregations and other Communities of African descent are sustainable and viable within their vineyards. 

To be a community of vigilance and action regarding matters of injustice, especially the effects of racism in the Church and society.

 A Special Message from Our President


Our Location


St. Paul Episcopal Church

248 Seneca Street

Harrisburgh, PA  17110

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